Newsletter 9.2020

HF / UHF Kombi-Midrange Reader SIM-2500

 Mulitfrequenz RFID Leser

sttID, scemtec Transponder Technology, extends the reader program by the HF / UHF Desk-Top Reader/Writer SIM-2500.

Compact 13.56 MHz / 868 MHz Midrange Reader/Writer as Desk-Top Version with integrated HF and UHF antenna.

  • Suitable for mounting / fixing directly on metal
  • Reading range for HF ISO-Card up to 33cm
  • Defined reading area above the reader; No tag reading next to the antenna
  • Dimensions: 310mm x 260mm x 28mm

Reader settings, firmware update, diagnosis, etc. via the Ethernet interface using the web interface.



Firmwareupdate für den SIL-9300 UHF Long Range Reader

A firmware update for the UHF RFID Long-Range Readers SIL-9300/9320 is available.

This update fixes the problem of reconnecting via the network if the connection from the host to the reader was interrupted without closing it first. Under certain circumstances it was no longer possible to establish a network connection to the reader without first pulling out the network plug or restarting the reader.
With the new firmware, the reader now checks at regular intervals whether the connection to the host still exists. If the host no longer responds to these requests, the connection is closed.

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