RFID – innovative applications require innovative hardware-solutions !
The scemtec Transponder Technology GmbH (sttID), founded 1997, is specialised in development of active and passive RFID systems. A team of nearly 20 engineers and technicians is solely working on the development of RFID write and read systems. The whole competence of RFID systems development range from circuit design to high-frequency-electronic and firmware creation of digital processors and microcontrollers you find in our own house in Germany. Our specialists realize the compatible RFID antennas und antenna-systems besides the RFID write/reader systems. Particularly for the very special applications scemtec® delivers fully developed RFID solutions for the automatic identifikation a long time.
The scemtec Transponder Technology GmbH uses their high performance knowledge for customized solutions. Withit scemtec is very succeful in the market for a lot of years.

Reliable RFID products require a competent electronic development and production.
sttID´ systems are developed and produced in Germany according to ISO certifications. Here quality and fast delivery for our customers rank first.

Phone: +49 2261 80407 0

E-Mail: info@stt-rfid.com



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