Newsletter 9.2020

Mulitfrequenz RFID Leser

sttID, scemtec Transponder Technology, extends the reader program by the HF / UHF Desk-Top Reader/Writer SIM-2500.

Compact 13.56 MHz / 868 MHz Midrange Reader/Writer as Desk-Top Version with integrated HF and UHF antenna.

sttID provides a comprehensive portfolio of HF MidRange antennas

sttID offers a large number of external antennas for the HF frequency and a wide range of applications and formats for power classes up to 2 watts. By adapting to 50 ohm input impedances, it is possible to connect the HF MidRange antennas the sttID HF Reader as well as the already installed HF Reader. The antennas are equipped with a coaxial cable or SMA plug and can be operated immediately with HF MidRangeReaders. In combination with the sttID HF MidRange Reader SIR-2720 reading ranges of up to 40 cm (with transponders in ISO card format) can be reached.

New design of the sttID RFID gate antennas SGA-180

For protection from theft, sttID has optimized their RFID gate antennas.The 13.56MHz pass-through ports on the Library exits recognize the passing RFID tags. An integrated optical and acoustic signal generator triggers an alarm when a not borrowed medium is detected when it is passing through.

sttID supports industrial NFC solutions with the new RFID Reader/Writer SIR-2010-NFC

The NFC Reader/Writer SIR-2010-NFC is a reader with NFC reading/writing functions. It meets the standards NFC-Typ 2 (NXP MIFARE Ultralight®, NXP MIFARE Ultralight® C, NXP NTAG 203, Infineon my-d NFC and Infineon my-d move NFC) and NFC Typ 6 (NXP ICode SLI/SLIX, TI TagIT HF and other ISO15693 compatible transponders).

SIL-2300-MUX8 – high performance HF Long-Range Reader with 8 antenna port for Industry 4.0 RFID integration

sttID, scemtec Transponder Technology extends the HF Long-Range Reader portfolio by the SIL-2300-MUX8. The  SIL-2300-MUX8  operates at 13.56 MHz with a maximum RF power of 5 W per antenna output. By standard interfaces such as USB ports, Ethernet and RS232 the SIL-2300-MUX8 can be easily integrated into an existing IT systems and  intelligently interconnected in regards to Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things.

sttID´s Desktop-RFID-Reader SIR-2025 works on metal in Industry 4.0

sttID's 13,56 MHz RFID reader/writer has proven itself in many projects in trade, logistics and industry automation for the RFID integration in Industry4.0 applications.

The new SIR-2025 is a shielded HF Desktop Reader. The stainless stell baseplate allows the reading of RFID transponders, even if the reader is mounted on metal and ensures that only transponders within the antenna area will be detected. Interferences by transponders outside of the antenna area or by antennas close by will be avoided.

sttID presents new RFID HF high-performance antenna portfolio

The new HF High Perfomance antenna portfolio from sttID scemtec Transponder Technology offers the best possible RFID detection of large open spaces or special areas.

Based on a PVC foam material the robust, versatile and powerful antennas meet particular industrial requirements and cover nearly all respective applications and locations, whether use in both large warehouses and also in small businesses.

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