• 125 kHz / 134 kHz handheld reader
  • Multi-TAG compatible (supports various tag protocols)
  • Bluetooth interface integrated
  • Battery charging via USB or wirelessly via a QI charging pad

Supported Transponders: 

EM4050 /Titan ; EM4100, EM4002, Unique ; EM4205, EM4305 ; NXP Hitag1, HitagSISO 11784/5 FDX-B
RIFD 125 KHz / 134 KHz Handheld SHT-5000
SBS 1000/2000 Base Station

With the Base Station, sttID handhelds can be connected to a PC without any trouble of configuring Bluetooth at the PC. Even in power down mode and Bluetooth is off the PC sees a valid connection, because the base station handles connection and reconnection to the handheld. So e.g. the serial port still exists.

With the SBS-2000 the handheld also can be connected to network without the use of a PC. The application can reach the handheld from everywhere over network.

Bluetooth Base Station SBS_1000_2000.pdf

With the HF-HandheldReader SIH 2100 sttID presents an innovative solution that fulfills the long-standing requirements of the market for the technology of RFID handheld readers!
In the design of the device, special care was taken on high write and read performance for HF RFID data carriers as well as on a long battery life.
With its large antenna, the RFID hand-held reader generates excessive reading distances and is thus ideally suited for inventory in shops or logistics.

Supported Transponders:

EM4034, 4035, 4133, 4135: ISO 15693 ; I-Code ILT ; Infineon My-D: ISO 15693 ; ISO 15693 ; ISO 18000-3 Mode 3 ; NXP I-Code 1 ; NXP I-Code SLI (-S/-L): ISO 15693
SIH-2100 RFID Hand Held data sheet SIH-2100

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