sttID´s Desktop-RFID-Reader SIR-2025 works on metal in Industry 4.0

SIR-2025 for Libraries

sttID's 13,56 MHz RFID reader/writer has proven itself in many projects in trade, logistics and industry automation for the RFID integration in Industry4.0 applications.

The new SIR-2025 is a shielded HF Desktop Reader. The stainless stell baseplate allows the reading of RFID transponders, even if the reader is mounted on metal and ensures that only transponders within the antenna area will be detected. Interferences by transponders outside of the antenna area or by antennas close by will be avoided.

The device comes with an integrated antenna and provides an output power of up to 500mW. Depending on transponder size reading distances of up to 30 cm can be achieved with that integrated antenna. LEDs visualize the operating modes like detection of RFID transponders. The RFID device fully supports the ISO 15693 standards.

Configured in the autonomous reading mode “SmartRead” the SIR-2025 works as a "stand-alone" device and can take over the management of UID numbers in industry automation or access applications. Especially in library processes or document management the SIR-2025 will support a service-orientated and customer-friendly access as it can be implemented directly into the IT network by the integrated Ethernet connection.

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