This antenna is specified up to 7.5W transmission power.

The beautiful acrylic glass housing is suitable for table applications in the area of laundry logistics and library management.

Particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Warehouses
  • Laundry facilities
  • Libraries
  • Accommodation
  • Distribution centers

SAT-A4-LR-PP-13MHz SAT-A4-LR-PP-13MHz.pdf


The SAT-A26 / 31-MR-PML-13MHz is a compact RF RFID antenna for industrial use.

The built-in shield ensures that only transponders are located inside the antenna surface.

SAT-A26/31-MR-PML-13MHz SAT-A26x31-MR-PML-13MHz.pdf


The HF MidRange antenna is optimized for use in office applications. Thanks to the dimensions of 25cm x 30cm, books and documents can be recorded easily on the antenna surface.

SAT-A25x30-MR-P-13MHz HF RFID Antenna SAT-A25x30-MR-P-13MHz.pdf


The RFID tunnel antenna (3D antenna) enables the secure detection of even small transponders inside a carton or laundry bag in the tunnel - an alignment of the RFID data carriers is not required.
With the integrated sttID HF LongRange reader, the RFID tunnel works as a stand-alone workstation and can be easily integrated into process or commissioning systems.
So the SAT-Tunnel-13MHz ensures maximum reading accuracy combined with high reading speed.

HF RFID Tunnel SAT-Tunnel-13MHz.pdf


Based on a  PVC hard foam material, the robust, versatile and powerful antennas meet all industrial requirements and cover almost any type of application and application, regardless of whether they are used in warehouses, production facilities or harsh environments. The RFID RF antennas are available for the 13.56 MHz range and are suitable for worldwide use. The antennas can be connected to HF readers up to a maximum output power of 7.5 watts. Because of the 50 ohm input impedances, it is possible to connect the antenna to sttID HF Readers as well as the already installed HF Readers from other suppliers. In conjunction with the sttID HF Long-Range Reader SIL-2125, reading ranges of up to 100 cm are achieved.

SAT-A40-LR-OF-13MHz HF RFID Antenna SAT-A40-LR-OF-13MHz.pdf

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