SIL-2125-MUX8 - real-time tracking for RFID-shelves and RFID-cabinets

SIL-2125 RFID Long Range Leser für ISO15683 und ILT kompatible Transponder

sttID, scemtec Transponder Technology´s HF LongRangeReader SIL-2125 has proven itself in many applications where a maximum of reading power and an outperfoming accuracy of reading detection is requested. 

The  SIL-2125  operates at 13.56 MHz with a maximum RF power of 7,5 W per antenna output. The SIL-2125 can be easily integrated into an existing IT system by standard interfaces such as USB ports, Ethernet and RS232.

The SIL-2125-MUX8 allows a connection of up to eight antennas with full power output per antenna. This reduces the setup complexity and will increase cost-effectiveness as only one reader will control multiple reading locations. Excellent and constant reading performance at every single antenna will enhance quality further.

The SIL-2125-MUX8 comes with a channel separation per antenna output. Each antenna output works independently thus the reader can be used for real-time tracking of inventory items in shelves and cabinet detection. Specially in hospitals the SIL-2125 supports the entire inventory recording minimizing the counting and audit work done by the hospital staff.

A simple and fast software integration of the read / write device is supported by means of the proven "smart read" functionality. An application-specific individual and independent reading mode can be developed. With a corresponding configuration, the SIL-2125-MUX8 works as a "stand-alone" device and can take over the management of UID numbers in RFID shelves and RFID cabinets.

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